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Paradox: The Novel

Yuqio LLC

Paradox: the Novel is a visual novel story, set in a strange dimension that is controlled by the forces yet unknown. The world of Eternia was once a peaceful place, until a deception from an unknown source made young prince Henry of Landark start a war to avenge his father. This war was supposed to end after the final battle between Henry and the ruler of Noviest, lady Ayina. It never did, as an Evil Spirit had locked the heroes inside of a chaotic dimension called Paradox. It has changed their nature, but indeed, the spirit of a devoted warrior can never be broken! Join the path of nameless soul, left with no memories of its past, who explores the new world, where heroes of the past were bound to live for centuries! The way the story goes depends solely on you! Will you choose the path of lone warrior, or join other prisoners in their quest to escape this otherworldly prison? Is your faith strong enough to pass all Trials of Paradox? Come forth and take a challenge! Fierce Battles, love and treachery await you on this journey! Engage in Dynamic, story-driven fights! Challenge the Gods themselves in the ultimate quest of breaking free! Forge your own way through the Land of Paradox! Open the Gate that will lead you to the real World of Eternia! Unlock all hidden endings to discover the truth.. the whole truth! Update: added Russian translation, thanks to Inlingo game localization studio!

Apr 18, 2018 • 5.00 hours • 96,000 words • Ages 16+

Visual Novel Role-Playing Game Tactics Mystery Commercial

Release 1.0

This release is not yet approved.

Release Date: Apr 18, 2018
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Other
Engine: Ren'Py

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