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Heralds of the Avirentes

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New stunning visual novel with jRPG elements featuring a brand-new dragon-like race – the om’verai. Join young Azaries on her quest to finding out more about upcoming natural disaster that can wipe all living being from the surface of their planet! Meet dozens of new characters, use diplomacy to try to persuade them to assist you or just fight your way through – you are free to choose your own way! You can befriend the key characters and take them with you on the journey or confront and slaughter anyone you meet – role playing has never been more tangible. Every decision you make, each blow you lay upon your enemies will impact Azaries, her friends and the world around. Meet mighty foes and deal with them according to your ideology, creed and outlook: slay them, persuade them to capitulate, make them attack their allies or even invite them to you party. Explore the world, search for ancient ruins of the past, repair and use the powerful war machines of the Reunification Wars – it’s all up to you! Game features: - No more standard anime human characters – om’veri is the dragon race with rich history, traditions and their own way of life - Karma system and role playing – choose multiple ways to interact with the world around, but beware of the consequences - Main quest and campaign – find out more about Avirentes and how to save the world from insanity and devastation - Side quests and substories – find more about your party mates, explore the lore and help the characters around (or you can show your very dark side) - Stunning original artworks and visualization - Turn-based combat system. Every opponent requires a unique approach. In some cases the battle can be avoided or won without fighting. Planned features: - Dating sim – choose your partner or help your friends to find true love and happiness (or destroy the lives and waste their souls) - Massive world map to explore with many places of interest - Wiki, encyclopedia and diary systems – explore and learn everything and everyone around. - More opponent’s for battle. Our game is free, you can already play the first public version (ver 0.10). But a little bit of your support will help us greatly to improve it and accelerate the tempo of its development, allowing us to give it more time and effort. You can pledge us on patreon to help support the project – your time and interest are greatly appreciated! All patrons can participate in the development process, download the original game art, gain early access to game builds long before it would be released for public. Thank you very much! Are you ready for more? Stay tuned!

Jul 19, 2019 • 60 minutes • Ages 13+

Visual Novel Role-Playing Game Tactics Mystery