La Signora Canta Del Blues

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J. M. DeChances

Kaitlyn Demilio is a Cornell student who just finished her sophomore year of college. When she receives a cryptic email from her ex-bestfriend to attend a wedding on the beautiful city-sized island Vivacella, Kaitlyn is hesitant, but later agrees. What she does not know, however, is that her arrival in Vivacella would lead to a series of life-altering events... Will she discover the truth of Vivacella and find love along the way?

Apr 20, 2014 • 30 minutes • 5,633 words • Ages 13+

Mystery Visual Novel Girl pursues Boy

Release 0.0 (Alpha Demo)

Release Date: Apr 20, 2014
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py


GameCover.jpg (104.4 kB) - Background of the main menu of the game


La Signora Canta Del Blues screenshot 1
La Signora Canta Del Blues screenshot 2

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