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Microsoft Windows System Protection Background Tasks

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Microsoft Windows device protection background tasks execute a legal file, which is the srtasks.exe file. This executable file generally used via the Windows 10 task scheduler to create device restore points. Generally, all this method occupies a little of your CPU; however, it consumes 70% and more of the CPU usage. Well, this particular error's has been fixed on any other create which comes after Windows 10; it is a common error which you can encounter. Now, let's see some myths about it and how to fix it. How to fix Microsoft Windows System Protection Background Tasks High Disk? The 1st thing you should know is that you can't delete the srtasks.exe file permanently since it is a legitimate Window's process. Deleting the executable file will result your operating device can't create automatic device restore point's. It is not recommended at all. You may end with re-install the whole operating device in case you have deleted it. If you are experiencing high disk or CPU usage, deleting the Microsoft Windows device protection background srtasks.exe is not an option. There are two steps to solve the high usage issue. The first step is to reboot your computer. Usually, when high CPU and disk usage occurs, your OS is creating a device restore point. That is why it consumes a high amount of area both on CPU and disk. Give it time and reboot your computer. If the problem still occurs, you have to disable it manually.

Mar 07, 2020 • All ages

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Release 1.0

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Release Date: Mar 07, 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py

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