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Green Fairy Games / Radical Dreamers 2002

The protagonist is a lost spirit who is given a second chance at life and at love by a sudden twist of fate. Will he accept his destiny or risk everything by challenging it?

Apr 01, 2007 • 40 minutes • All ages

Visual Novel

Release 1.0

Release Date: Apr 01, 2007
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py 6.0.0


Eidolon-1.0.zip (25.0 MB) -

Eidolon-1.0-mac.zip (24.7 MB) -

Eidolon-1.0-linux-x86.tar.bz2 (24.1 MB) -


Eidolon screenshot 1
Eidolon screenshot 2

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