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Tibet Travel Permit

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Thousands of people travel to Tibet every year to experience the unique culture and visit some of the highest, most remote areas of the world. Tibet is  “third pole of the world” that are all popular destination for travelers all over the world with breathtaking landscapes and mysterious Buddhism. There is no doubt that Tibet is a charming and unique place.‘’ ‘’However, due to special geographical and political reasons, China’s censorship of people entering Tibet is very strict. So, the first tip, If you are planning a Tibet tour, you must know that information about The Tibet permits. When you enter Tibet, you must have three documents, in addition to China visa and passport, foreigners also need Tibet Travel Permit (Some people also call it Tibet Visa) to be able to board a train or plane to Lhasa. For this, you need to pre-arrange an itinerary through a legal travel agency in Lhasa before arriving in Tibet. you need to prepare some documents before you start a Tibet trip. The time and documents needed to apply for it change irregularly. Travel agency usually needs at least 16 days prior to file the application with these documents &. info. Tibet Tourism Bureau will issue TTB permit about 7 days or so prior tour starting date. So, you'd better get ready in advance.

Nov 15, 2019 • All ages

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