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" ...In the center of Nordburg, there is an Old-Patriarchal Church the center of the ancient-Monotheism in the past. After the division of the church, people serve for this Church has decreased and it has collapsed miserably. Surrounded by slums and dubious shops, there is no shadow of the world's largest religious city." Description: Principia is a Visual Novel game featuring Hurt/Comfort story of 3 youths: Nicolas Bardo, Alfred White, and Hal Dyatlov. They are living in a Nordburg: a retrospective Soviet-ish metro police, and struggling to become an independent adult via their own ways: such as laboring, studying, and believing in... and so on.

Sep 25, 2019 • 30 minutes • 20 words • All ages

Visual Novel Simulation Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy