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Berry Street (DEMO)

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"My name is Alex Sprouse. On June 3rd, 2013, I, along with my parents and younger brother, moved from my hometown of Chicago to Smalltown, IL. I didn't know it at the time, but that move was going to be the most important thing that ever happened to me. So, please, sit back, relax, and follow me on this journey of my past. A journey that all began when I moved to Berry Street." In the debut visual novel of Good Tales, you take the role of 16-year-old Alex Sprouse as you progress through the first year of his new life in a new town, with neighbors consisting of his childhood friend from Chicago, a tomboy who loves sports as well as dresses, a shy, pudgy girl who loves to speak up when necessary, and more. Will he find love? Will he find enemies? Will he learn to better himself as a person? That's all up to you in 'Berry Street', the visual novel where, like in real life, your actions can't be reversed.

Jan 11, 2019 • 1.50 hours • 54,222 words • Ages 16+

Visual Novel Simulation Boy pursues Girl


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In the year 2029, humanity lives alongside a race of violent alien creatures known as the REDD. The species mainly live together in peace, but for 12 hours a year, 5 randomly selected cities on the planet turn into a war zone between REDD and humans in an event known as a "REDD War". This year, Casey Conrad's town of Springfield has been chosen among the list of cities. Will he and his father survive the night, or will they fall victim to this annual time of bloodshed?

Mar 31, 2019 • 11,922 words • Ages 16+

Visual Novel NaNoRenO

REDD War: Showtime

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Beloved children's entertainer Mr. Sprinkles is hosting a live show where all the parents will be participating in games for the audience's enjoyment! Unfortunately, this show is being held during the REDD War, an event where creatures like Mr. Sprinkles are free to be their bloodthirsty selves, and he certainly plans to take advantage of it. You have 12 hours to survive this madman's show; can you succeed? No matter what choices you make, this will be a show that nobody will ever forget!

Nov 30, 2019 • 4.00 hours • 44,549 words • Ages 18+

Visual Novel