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Astral Nights

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Astral Nights is a mystery visual novel (story-based game with a lot of choices to make and paths to take). It blends romance, suspense, some spookines, motives from Polish legends, books and traditions into interesting, creepy story about ghosts, demons and helping others. You play as Main Character, a high school student, who was asked by the teacher to help a girl with her math homework. At first, everything looks so easy - you have to spend some time with one of the most rumored and definetly most interesting girl in the school. It shouldn't be that difficult... and maybe you will be able to learn why everyone is talking about her? It was made for the Ren'Py Game Jam 2018 (from 09/15 to 09/30).

Sep 29, 2018 • 60 minutes • 9,030 words • All ages

Visual Novel Mystery