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Nova: Synthesis Creaturum

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Genre: Fantasy, romance For years now, monsters have been a growing problem in Diolacov Kingdom. Their origin and behavior are a mystery, and a solution to control them has yet to be found. One day in the forest, novice magic student Merona encounters a monster while collecting plant life for study. At a crucial moment, she somehow manages to save herself by turning the monster into an innocent animal! Merona is then sent on a journey by her academy with a team of companions to travel over the forests of the kingdom to discover more about monsters and how she can transform them. What lies ahead is much more than what everyone had expected… Production Team Allan Newman - Composer Dorrell Ettienne - Composer Marionette - Programmer Naomi - Artist for coloring sailormarymoon - Beta Reader CatharsisGaze - Artist, Beta Reader, Audio Editor, Story Idea Author thestringsofgold - Story Writer, Project Manager, Social Media Manager

Jun 01, 2018 • All ages

Visual Novel Girl pursues Boy